October 1, 2023

AMD AM685DL - analog voltage comparator : weekend die-shot

Another high-performance chip from AMD: AM685 - analog voltage comparator with 6.5ns propagation time and 3ns latch setup time.
Die size 1319x767 µm.

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September 1, 2023

Motorola MC14490 - CMOS button debouncer : weekend die-shot

Motorola MC14490 is a Hex Contact Bounce Eliminator, made back in 1984. Generates a clean digital signal four clock periods after the input has stabilized.
Die size 2400x2048 µm.

June 1, 2023

TimesVano G170DM - transient overvoltage protection : weekend die-shot

TimesVano G170DM can be found in wired phone line protection circuit. Can survive 350A current for 2µs, clamps both positive and negative voltage spikes.
Die size 3148x2292 µm.

May 29, 2023

TL432 - Shunt voltage reference : weekend die-shot

Manufacturer currently unknown. Difference between TL432 and TL431 is pinout.
Die size 810x662 µm.

May 1, 2023

RCA CD4035A - CMOS Shift Register : weekend die-shot

RCA CD4035A is a CMOS 4-Stage Parallel in / out Shift Register.
Die size 1733x1804 µm.

March 6, 2023

Zeptolab upgrade - March 2023

Thanks to the support of Zeptobars patrons - several vital hardware upgrades finally happened which will increase image quality and will make work more streamlined : custom wavelength RGB illuminator and 2-axis goniometer. Finally, we've also got Mastodon - @zeptobars@techhub.social - let's keep in touch there (just in case).

More details below:
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March 1, 2023

National LM3915N-1 - "Thermometer" LED driver : weekend die-shot

National LM3915N displays analog signal on LED bar with logarithmic 3 dB/steps. Multiple LM3915N's can be cascaded to expand display dynamic range.
Die size 2394x2545 µm.