ZeptoBars - RSS feed http://zeptobars.com/en/ Microelectronics. Die-shots. Artificial intelligence. Lasers. en-us Tue, 10 Jun 2006 04:00:00 GMT Fri, 14 Aug 20 07:11:32 +0300 webmaster@zeptobars.com 120 10 <![CDATA[Power Integrations INN2605K - ACDC without optocoupler : weekend die-shot]]> http://zeptobars.com/en/read/Power-Integrations-INN2605K-FluxLink-ACDC INN2605K is molded in fairly complex surface-mount package. FluxLink (internal magnetic feedback) seems to be made using leadframe & bondwires.

Primary side die:

Secondary side die:

FluxLink seems to be using right side of the leadframe, some bondwires are now missing:

Sat, 01 Aug 20 15:21:03 +0300
<![CDATA[ST HCF40105BE - 16x4 FIFO : weekend die-shot]]> http://zeptobars.com/en/read/ST-HCF40105BE-16x4-FIFO-fake-164-40105

Mon, 16 Mar 20 05:49:28 +0300
<![CDATA[Decawave DW1000 - ultra-wideband transceiver : weekend die-shot]]> http://zeptobars.com/en/read/Decawave-DW1000-UWB-ultra-wideband-IEEE802.15.4-2011 Decawave DW1000 is an ultra-wideband transceiver in 3.5 GHz to 6.5 GHz range, with channel bandwidths of 500/900 MHz (IEEE802.15.4-2011).

Die size 3190x3288 µm.

Wed, 11 Mar 20 03:08:14 +0300
<![CDATA[National LF444 - Quad JFET opamp : weekend die-shot]]> http://zeptobars.com/en/read/National-LF444-Quad-JFET-opamp-low-power
Sun, 01 Mar 20 04:11:12 +0300
<![CDATA[BF862 - low-noise N-Channel JFET : real vs fake : weekend die-shot]]> http://zeptobars.com/en/read/BF862-low-noise-N-Channel-JFET-J-FET-AM-preamp-2Ap Genuine part first, from reliable EU supplier. SMD marking 2AW 6o. Die size 358x358 µm. Die crack is on me.

Rarely we need to look closer at transistors:

Now fake one, SOT-23 marking 2Ap 48 from random Chinese online seller, claiming to sell genuine part. I've also got one even more fake with KN marking, did not even bothered to decap, must have been some random transistor they had laying around. Identified by Jeroen Ponte as probably counterfeit - which is especially likely as NXP stopped production of the original part. Die size 426x399 µm.

Linearity will definitely be degraded with fake part, especially at higher output currents. Cannot say anything about noise though. ]]>
Fri, 28 Feb 20 00:26:56 +0300
<![CDATA[Guangdong Hottech BC848C - Genuine Chinese BJT : weekend die-shot]]> http://zeptobars.com/en/read/Guangdong-Hottech-BC848C-Genuine-Chinese-BJT-npn Guangdong Hottech BC848C - general purpose BJT, made in China, and sold as a genuine Chinese product by lcsc.com. Layout is typical, metalization lithography is somewhat rough, not sure if it affects performance.

Die size 284x284 µm.

Sat, 22 Feb 20 21:40:52 +0300
<![CDATA[K544UD1A - Russian JFET opamp : weekend die-shot]]> http://zeptobars.com/en/read/K544UD1A-JFET-Russian-opamp-uA740C

Schematic for reference: source
Wed, 19 Feb 20 03:24:39 +0300
<![CDATA[140UD9 - general purpose Soviet opamp (1989) : weekend die-shot]]> http://zeptobars.com/en/read/140UD9-opamp-soviet-CA3047 K140UD2B this one has polymer overcoat, which causes interference pattern across the area due to thickness non-uniformity. 140UD9 is similar to CA3047 with differences in the final amplification stage.
Die size 1780x1780 µm.

Fri, 31 Jan 20 15:41:00 +0300
<![CDATA[1977 Unisonic Blackjack - Rockwell A4821 PMOS uC : weekend die-shot]]> http://zeptobars.com/en/read/1977-Unisonic-Blackjack-Rockwell-A4821-PMOS-uC here (+following parts) and here, some information about the game is here.

After etching metal:

Wed, 01 Jan 20 05:08:47 +0300
<![CDATA[Ti LMV324I - general purpose quad 5V opamp : weekend die-shot]]> http://zeptobars.com/en/read/TI-LMV324-LMV324I-LMV324A-general-purpose-5V-opamp-R2R
Thu, 26 Dec 19 15:57:36 +0300