August 2, 2021

AMD LF356H - JFET opamp : weekend die-shot

Surprised to see analog part from AMD? Me too. It's from the era when AMD was not yet crushing desktop CPU world like a hydraulic press.
Package photo below. Die size 1877x1120 µm. Datecode 8035YP.

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August 1, 2021
June 1, 2021
May 16, 2021

1NT591A - array of 2 npn BJT transistors : weekend die-shot

Designed for input stages of differential amplifiers. Datecode 0675.
Die size 1241x748 µm.

May 1, 2021

Motorola MC1553G - video amplifier : weekend die-shot

Not an opamp. 35Mhz bandwidth, 52dB gain. Datecode 736. Schematics below.
Die size 1062x1062 µm.

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April 27, 2021

Analog AD570 - 8-bit SAR ADC : weekend die-shot

Everything is laser trimmed. Die photo matches datasheet. Datecode 8302. Thanks to Florian for saving this chip!
Die size 3786x3006 µm.