April 1, 2021

1KT901 - 5 channel analog MOSFET commutator : weekend die-shot

1KT901 is a 5-channel analog MOSFET commutator. <300 Ohm channel resistance in open state for -20V on the gate. Datecode 0575.
Some information and references to internal schematics could be found in 701mk12 documentation.

March 15, 2021

Motorola MC358G - ECL J-K Flip-Flop (1964) : weekend die-shot

Motorola MC358G is not an opamp. According to scarce information we've found (it is so far pre-internet - no scanned datasheet, made in 1964) it's a ECL J-K flip-flop. Die photo matches image from The National Museum of American History at Smithsonian. This chip is 57 years old, oldest among Zeptobars specimens. Motorola gets bonus points for pad in the middle of the die.

Die size 2016x1517 µm. Bond-wires feel more fragile than usual. Need to run EDS on them...

March 7, 2021

Philips NE567D - tone-decoder/PLL : weekend die-shot

Die size 787x756 µm. Surprisingly, schematics are included in the datasheet (see below).

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February 22, 2021
February 14, 2021

K1US671 - 3-stage FET amplifier : weekend die-shot

K1US671 is a 3-stage FET amplifier, made by Kwazar fab in Kiev, Ukraine, datecode 0278. Maximum rated frequency is 100kHz. Rated continuous linear acceleration limit 25g.

Die size 1246x1237 µm. Contamination & die crack are not mine (as it was in a metal can). Simple ICs in 1978 seems to forgive that.

PS. We are running low on metal-can and ceramic ICs. Let us know if you can send us some to open :-)

February 8, 2021

Central 2N3808 - dual PNP BJT : weekend die-shot

Central Semiconductor 2N3808 has 2 separate PNP BJT dies in 1 metal package. This seems to be the most common layout of low-power BJTs.
Die size 343x340 µm.

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January 31, 2021

1US222 / K122UN2 - dual stage audio amplifier : weekend die-shot

1US222 is a dual stage audio amplifier (later renamed to K122UN2) - not an opamp. Date code is VI 1971 - so this year we can celebrate half a century since it's manufacturing. Scratches and dirt are not mine - apparently simple microchips were quite forgiving. Schematics below.

Die size 1392x1412 µm.

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