February 22, 2021
February 14, 2021

K1US671 - 3-stage FET amplifier : weekend die-shot

K1US671 is a 3-stage FET amplifier, made by Kwazar fab in Kiev, Ukraine, datecode 0278. Maximum rated frequency is 100kHz. Rated continuous linear acceleration limit 25g.

Die size 1246x1237 µm. Contamination & die crack are not mine (as it was in a metal can). Simple ICs in 1978 seems to forgive that.

PS. We are running low on metal-can and ceramic ICs. Let us know if you can send us some to open :-)

February 8, 2021

Central 2N3808 - dual PNP BJT : weekend die-shot

Central Semiconductor 2N3808 has 2 separate PNP BJT dies in 1 metal package. This seems to be the most common layout of low-power BJTs.
Die size 343x340 µm.

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January 31, 2021

1US222 / K122UN2 - dual stage audio amplifier : weekend die-shot

1US222 is a dual stage audio amplifier (later renamed to K122UN2) - not an opamp. Date code is VI 1971 - so this year we can celebrate half a century since it's manufacturing. Scratches and dirt are not mine - apparently simple microchips were quite forgiving. Schematics below.

Die size 1392x1412 µm.

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January 4, 2021
November 1, 2020

Fairchild UA714HC - precision opamp : weekend die-shot

You can see some trimming action on the left side of the die: resistors adjusted via masks, fuses for trimming part-to-part variability.
Die size 2528x1541 µm.

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