October 6, 2013

KR1858VM1 - soviet Z80 : weekend die-shot

KR1858VM1 - Z80-compatible CPU, manufactured in USSR. Die marking "U880/6" suggests that it was also designed in east Germany company VEB Mikroelektronik "Karl Marx" in Erfurt (MME). Compared to T34VM1 die size is shrunk by a factor of 1.6, reworked IO.

Also, you can compare it to MME Z80A and Zilog Z80.

Die size 3601x3409 µm.

October 5, 2013

Fairchild 74F109PC - dual JK flip-flop : weekend die-shot

Fairchild 74F109PC - dual JK flip-flop, part of fastest bipolar 7400 TTL family - F.

Die size 1436x1255 µm.

September 16, 2013

Playstation 1 - MIPS R3051 CPU : weekend die-shot

Playstation 1 CPU - CXD8530CQ based on 33.8688 MHz MIPS R3051 core manufactured at 800nm technology, 3 layers of metalization.

CPU designed by LSI Logic Corp. Die size 8.15x8.1 mm.

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September 15, 2013

NXP 74HC595 : weekend die-shot

NXP 74HC595 - yet another standard logic shift register. You may compare it to Fairchild 74VHC595 and OnSemi 74HC595.

Die size 953x866 µm, 2µm manufacturing technology.

Polysilicon level:

September 14, 2013

Fairchild 74VHC595 : weekend die-shot

Fairchild 74VHC595 - standard logic chip, 8-bit shift register. You can compare it to OnSemi 74HC595.

Die size 800x690 µm. 800nm manufacturing technology.

Polysilicon level:

September 13, 2013

TNY264 : weekend die-shot

Power Integrations TNY264 - is a highly integrated ACDC converter with built-in 700V MOSFET.
Die size 2457x1306 µm.

August 26, 2013

Zilog Z80 Z0840004PSC : weekend die-shot

After taking photos of Z80-compatible CPU's from DDR and USSR we finally got the original Zilog's Z80. This chip had datecode 9012.

If you compare the dies of original Z80 and DDR/USSR ones - you can see that original Z80 has much denser peripherals layout. Also, in the middle of the die there is a word "DC", while on compatible processors there is just a blank space at the same place.

Die size 3545x3350 µm. It's area is 1.6 times smaller than T34VM1.