September 8, 2012

AVR ATtiny13a : Weekend die-shot

ATtiny13A - one of the smallest Atmel's microcontrollers: only 1kb of flash and 32 bytes of SRAM. Die size though appeared to be unexpectedly big (1620x1640 µm).

500nm technology node.

August 26, 2012

KR580IK80A : Weekend die-shot

KR580IK80A (later renamed to KR580VM80A) - one of the most widespread soviet processors. Contrary to popular belief, it appeared to be not an exact Intel 8080A (or 8080) clone, but a code-compatible redesign (while several parts are quite similar, routing is different as well as pad placement).

Thinnest lines are 6µm.

August 19, 2012

MIFARE : Weekend die-shot

This weekend we teared down few MIFARE-based tickets from Moscow's metro. While plastic antenna does have Sitronics logo, chip itself appears to be made by NXP, not Mikron as we expected. Die size - 640x620 µm.